Moh’s Surgery Defect Reconstruction

Moh’s Reconstruction Surgeries in Baltimore

Reconstruction surgery—especially after a major surgery like Moh’s—can be a very sensitive and stressful time in a person’s life. You have already gone through a major process of removing cancerous skin, but the process is not over quite yet. Dr. Paul Ringelman understands the delicate nature of reconstruction surgeries and is ready to partner with you during this next chapter.

Knowledgeable and skilled at Moh’s surgery defect reconstruction, Board Certified Dr. Ringelman will use his expertise to create a personalized treatment plan to help you love your natural results.

What is Moh’s Surgery Defect Reconstruction?

Moh’s surgery (performed by a dermatologist) involves eliminating areas of skin cancer by removing the affected area of skin from the face. After the surgery, patients are frequently in need of surgery to correct the defect. Reconstructive plastic surgery is an effective way to repair those defects and achieve a more natural appearance.

How is Moh’s Reconstruction surgery performed?

Every Maryland patient seen for Mohs reconstruction surgery will have different shape and size of a defect, as well as unique goals for treatment. For this reason, Dr. Ringelman is committed to creating a personalized plan for you and your specific case. During your initial consultation, he will explain the various reconstructive techniques and how the entire process will progress.

Depending on the size and shape of the deficit, your surgery will be performed using local anesthesia (numbing medicine alone), intravenous sedation (” twilight sleep”) or general anesthesia. Smaller defects may be closed by Dr. Ringelman simply using sutures. Larger deficits may require local flaps or skin grafts to close the wound. Length of surgery depends on the complexity of the defect and required method of reconstruction.

What is the Moh’s Reconstruction surgery recovery like?

For most patients who undergo reconstruction of a Moh’s defect, recovery can take several weeks.  After the surgery, you can expect swelling and bruising in the surgery area. Swelling should decrease between 7-10 days. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for a few weeks after the surgery, but light activities may be resumed several days after the procedure.

Healing will take several months before you are able to see the final results from the reconstructive plastic surgery.

Why choose Moh’s Reconstruction surgery with Dr. Ringelman?

Moh’s reconstruction surgery should be done by a professional that you can trust. “Baltimore Magazine” Top Doctor, Dr. Paul Ringelman understands that a great plastic surgeon needs more than just his own expertise to create satisfying results; he needs to work with his patients closely to make sure their needs are met. If you are considering Moh’s reconstruction surgery in Maryland and want to feel supported throughout the entire process, you can be confident teaming with Dr. Ringelman.